Impress People With Your High-Quality Images Taken by a Professional Family Photographer

A family’s cherished memories are best captured in a photograph. Photos are mementos of life’s greatest moments with your loved ones. They become more meaningful when they are shot in unique surroundings, and produce high-quality images. Stunning imagery adds drama and value which you can appreciate now and forever. At Gustavo Villarreal Professional Photography & Video Service, we are dedicated to delivering a pleasant photography experience to our valuable customers in Whittier, CA. We have low-priced portrait packages with remarkable quality. You can browse through our website for more photo samples shot by our professional family photographer.

It is undeniable that there are families who shy away from taking family portraits because they think it is way too expensive. But with our reasonable rates, your hesitation in hiring a family photographer will be gone. You’ll surely want to book a photography session from us. We have affordable packages and different types of family photography from which you can choose. It is a common misconception that this kind of photography is only a mere family portrait. We’d walk you through with its three options:

FAMILY PORTRAITS. These are photos taken with family members gathering together. Most of them are taken with a formal theme, but we can perk it up with any theme you like. We have superior quality images you can appreciate and enjoy. Let your family portraits etch lifelong memorable moments with you and your family.

NEWBORN PHOTOGRAPHY. The story of your newborn child is told in pictures. This type of photography is one of the most cherished and the most enthralling. It is such an emotion-filled photo session when the vulnerable, innocent moments of an infant are captured with just a click of a shutter. Don’t miss this! Book a session from us.

MATERNITY PHOTOGRAPHY. Last but not the least is maternity photography. Every pregnant woman deserves to feel beautiful and wanted in their childbearing journey. It is not every day that they get pregnant, so a remembrance of that wonderful time in their lives is fascinating. Soon they will get labor pains, but for now, it’s all about bright happy vibes. Live in the moment and let us take a shot of it!

At Gustavo Villarreal Professional Photography & Video Service, we are not your ordinary shutterbug. We have a professional family photographer who’d give you fabulous, quality images. Book our photo sessions today by dialing (323) 633-8283 or pay us a visit in our photography studio in Whittier, CA. See you!

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