High-Quality Photography Services on Your Wedding Day

Your wedding only comes once in a lifetime. But before you get hitched, there are many preparations to be done. One of those tasks is getting an official photographer for the event. Your wedding is a grand event, so make the most out of it by letting a pro capture your priceless moments. Here at Gustavo Villarreal Professional Photography & Video Service, we have top-quality photography services in Whittier, CA which you can get in a heartbeat. We take beautiful photographs for newlyweds because we understand that your wedding will be a day that you’ll look back on someday.

Knowledge and Experience

An amateur photographer cannot match the knowledge and experience of a professional photographer. Photography skills are enhanced by both knowledge and experience. Proper lighting is the secret to having the best shots. Our photographer knows how to use the light in making a picture look stunning. The right knowledge and our many years of experience are what sets us apart from shutterbugs!

Dramatic Shots

You get that warm fuzzy feeling the first time you meet the person who knocks you off your feet. And now, you’re about to tie the knot with that person. We can retell your amazing love story in pictures. The love, the fun, and the crazy moments will be captured in lovely, dramatic shots! Warm feelings and fondness will be with you throughout the celebration.


We have shot hundreds of weddings and events, but there is always that special element and unique touch that we’d incorporate into our shots! Our conceptualization of each wedding or special event is distinctive. Our photographer doesn’t have a cookie-cutter approach in taking your photographs. We want them to be genuine and original.

Regardless of your taste and preference for picture-taking, Gustavo Villarreal Professional Photography & Video Service is the one to turn to when you need the lens and expertise of a brilliant professional photographer. We create classic and modern, stunning photos of the big day. For a wedding photography service like no other, phone us right now at (323) 633-8283 or stop by at our photography studio in Whittier, CA.

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